[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #2] How Do I Place My 3D Assets In My Metaverse?

Customising your metaverse is just a simple mechanism of drag and drop in Mitoworld. Have your 3D assets ready on your computer and let’s go!

Uploading 3D File into Your Metaverse

Now that you are set with your assets, let’s upload them into your metaverse!

Head to the upload dashboard and upload the downloaded file from your device.

Click on the 3D asset and then click the “Positioning” button to adjust the asset’s position and sizing.


Position Controls:

X – Moving the object horizontally

Y – Moving the object vertically

Z – Moving the object back and forth


Rotation Controls: 

X – Rotating vertically

Y – Rotating horizontally

Z – Rotating sideways


You can move the 3D asset freely as well without using the controls!

After adjusting it to your preferred position, make sure you lock it in position to avoid accidentally moving it.

You can also scale your 3D asset to a size of your liking — big or small!


Now you are good to go! Fill up your World to your heart’s content! Check out the the below article to see where you can find more 3D assets:

→ [MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #1] Where Do I Find 3D Assets For My Metaverse?


Written by Gabriella

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Hiredly: A Virtual Career Fair in the Metaverse


Hiredly is a job platform that utililses the O2O (online to offline) concept to connect jobseekers to the right job at the right company. Founded in 2014, Hiredly leverages AI to augment and provide offline services to its online user base and deliver a 360-degree experience for both employers and jobseekers. The platform combines a modern job portal, career events (which include career fairs, student mentoring and office tours), and a recruitment agency that proactively identifies and approaches top talent on behalf of employers.

The Challenge

Hiredly organises on-ground career fairs, but they have encountered issues where a large group of job-seekers and hiring companies are not able to attend in person due to location distance, time restrictions, and manpower during the event day. To address this challenge, Hiredly is exploring the use of the metaverse to create a virtual career fair that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Awesome Metaverse Career Fair in Malaysia

The metaverse was launched concurrently with the physical career fair — The Awesome Career Fair, on 3-5 March 2023 and was available for job seekers to drop in after the physical event till 10 March 2023.

Pictured: Job seekers at The Awesome Career Fair @GMBB KL, Fazriq (Lead Metaverse Specialist of VTF)
Pictured: The Awesome Metaverse Career Fair with Mitoworld

The Experience in the Metaverse

The metaverse career fair enabled a more immersive experience for users by allowing them to engage with touchpoints in the virtual space. With that, brands can connect with their audience in new and creative ways through the metaverse by implementing mini games, virtual quizzes, creative storytelling and more to improve user experience.

Pictured: Mini Game
Pictured: Work Persona Quiz
Pictured: Livestream Zone

Throughout the 7-day event, more than a thousand unique users visited the metaverse space with an average time spent of 18 minutes in it, which is 4.5 times longer than the average time user spend on a website landing page. Moreover, more than 90% of users completed the mini game that was featured in the metaverse thus demonstrating that this is a solid testament of why the metaverse is a better medium for user engagement, especially for younger users.

Pictured: Hiredly Metaverse Analytics

If you are interested to find out how the metaverse can elevate your brand experience, feel free to reach out to our team at jun@virtualtechfrontier.com


Already have a metaverse? 🥳 Come check out this article to find out where to download 3D assets for your World:

[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #1] Where Do I Find 3D Assets For My Metaverse?


Written by Gabriella

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[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #1] Where Do I Find 3D Assets For My Metaverse?

Hello there! Clicking in to see if you can find cool things to fill in your World with?

Let’s get you started!

How to Upload Assets on Mitoworld

  1. Go to the “ + “ button on the bottom of your screen and click on “Items”.
  2. Click on “+ Upload” and you will see a reference table for types of assets and recommended sizes per upload.
  3. Click on “ Choose Files “ then pick the file you want to upload, then click on “ Upload.

For 3D Files, you can upload in either GLB or GLTF format with a maximum file size of 100MB per upload.

So, where can I find 3D assets to download?

If you are not familiar with 3D modelling software, we have a few recommended sites where you can find free 3D assets to download and upload into Mitoworld!


Sketchfab is a 3D modeling platform site that allows creators to publish, discover, share, and monetise 3D, VR, and AR content. Here you can find a variety of 3D models that are free to download or paid for you to use!

Head on over to the search bar and type what you are looking for. Then click on the “Downloadable” checkbox as a filter to help you find files you can download.

If you see the icon (circled in the picture below), the file is downloadable, so click on it!

Scroll down and find the “Download 3D Model” below the creators’ names.

Select either glTF / GLB and click download!


Turbosquid is a digital media company that sells stock 3D models used in 3D graphics that can cater to a variety of industries such as gaming, education, and architecture. Similar to Sketchfab, 3D assets are available to be bought or downloaded for free.

Put in the file type on the search bar to find compatible files.

After the search results appear, click on “Price” to filter according to your preferences.

Find the file you like? Click on the “Download” button.

Click on the specific file type and it will auto-download for you to use!


CGTRADER has a professional 3D designer community and a 3D model marketplace for VR, AR and CG projects. This particular site has more realistic models if you prefer that type of art style!

Head on over to the filter buttons and click on the “Free“ checkbox and choose a file type.

Pick the 3D file you like and click on the “Download “ button.

Let it load for a few seconds and pick the suitable file to download.


Hope this article makes your hunt for 3D assets easier! 🎉

There are more sites out there for you to use and you can even build your own 3D assets using 3D modelling software.

Get started now by creating a World!

Unfamiliar with the edit mode controls? Check out this article:

[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #2] How Do I Place My 3D Assets In My Metaverse? 


Written by Gabriella

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Southeast Asia First Metaverse Building Platform: Mitoworld is bringing Virtual Experiences to Masses


Pictured: Mitoworld Global Launch Entrance

Mitoworld just celebrated its Global Launch with a showcase on 14 March 2023! The metaverse market is projected to hit $936.6 billion by 2030 and with the launch of Mitoworld, the team aims to empower global brands to tap into this growing market to connect with audiences in new and creative ways through highly engaging and accessible template-driven metaverse-building platform.

Pictured: Jason Low, CEO of VTF

“The metaverse brings broader opportunities that should not be overlooked due to apprehension brought about by change and innovation.”
said Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier (VTF)

Mitoworld directly addresses major hurdles of entering the metaverse space including concerns over time, investment and resources required to set up an effective virtual world. Users can fully customise their world through in-platform tools including the ability to upload external visuals, videos, music and 3D assets. With all that done, their metaverses are ready to launch! Users can also integrate it into their business/brand website for their consumers to experience.

According to a report by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), it is estimated that businesses will soon enter an era of hyper-personalised commerce due to fast-changing consumer behaviour and technological advancements — such as the metaverse.

Pictured: Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC

“Mitoworld aligns with MDEC’s vision of fostering digitalisation and enhancing the competitiveness of local businesses. By working together, we can help shape a metaverse that reflects our shared values and priorities and offers new opportunities for social and economic progress,”
said Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Pictured: Launch Ceremony – Arthur Tan (Emcee), Kendrick Tan (CFOO of VTF), Mahadhir Aziz (CEO of MDEC), Jason Low (CEO of VTF)

Users can leverage Mitoworld to build sustainable online virtual worlds that can be long-term hubs for communities to gather and interact with each other. The metaverse can also be used to host virtual campaigns or exhibitions without having to consider the high cost of hiring, upskilling and device upgrades.

Pictured: The VTF Co-Founders with YB Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of MOSTI & Anis Adura, Senior Manager of Government and Stakeholder Management, Strategic Land Development (MRANTI)

“Through the digital twinning of the physical world and the development of digital assets, the metaverse becomes a new economy and market space for R&D and C&I activities. In the long term, I foresee the digital government initiatives can also be integrated with the metaverse”
said YB Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Pictured: Kendrick Tan, CFOO of VTF


Pictured: Angeline Seah, CPO of VTF


Pictured: Mitoworld Global Launch

The global launch was met with overwhelming support from our partners, web3 communities, media outlets, and government officials. The attendance exceeded our venue’s seating capacity, with over 170 people in attendance! With that said, Mitoworld highly appreciates everyone’s support and would like to sincerely thank you.

Pictured: Mitoworld Team

Join us in shaping the future of the metaverse !

Contact jun@virtualtechfrontier.com to explore partnership opportunities and take your brand to the next level with Mitoworld!


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@mitoworld.io, or DM us in our socials!

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Mitoworld Global Launch Metaverse

Are you excited about the Global Launch of Mitoworld?

In preparation for this groundbreaking event, here are some important details.

The Metaverse is where you can experience the launch of Mitoworld from the comfort of your own home. We understand that virtual events can be a new experience for some people, so we want to make sure that you are fully informed about what to expect.

The Mitoworld Global Launch is an invite-only live event that features a unique and exciting space within the Metaverse, where visitors from all around the world can join us via live streaming. In addition, you can get to know Mitoworld better through the exhibition and meet with other attendees.

*For the best experience, we recommend joining the Mitoworld Global Launch through a computer browser.

We can’t wait to see you there, so save the date!

Event Details

Date: 14th March 2023
Time: 3:00 PM onwards (GMT+8)
Venue: Access through Mitoworld.io , Experience & Discover World Link.

Mitoworld Global Launch Livestreaming Agenda

3:00 pmWelcome Greetings
3:10 pmIntroduction to Mitoworld by Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier
3:25 pmSpecial Address by Ts Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
3:35 pmLaunch Ceremony
3:40 pmPresentation of Token of Appreciation and VIP Photo-Op
3:45 pmProduct Showcase by Angeline Seah, Chief Product Officer
4:05 pmMitoworld Global Expansion Milestones by Kendrick Tan, Chief Finance and Operations Officer
4:30 pmEnd

Contact Us

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Upcoming Mitoworld Events for You to Join


Mitoworld has hosted and co-hosted a few events in the past with different projects and organisations. Our last event was a month back where we ushered in the new year with local NFT communities such as KaijuKingz, Azuki, XORE, Avium, 8SIAN, Project Redacted and more! Here’s a short clip of how it went:

We aim to host events every month with different communities, projects and organisations to bring more variety for our participants.


For February, we are focusing on education to raise awareness on the utilisation of metaverses in business and marketing settings. If you are interested, click on the links below to register for FREE today!

Join the webinar as we cover the basics of the metaverse, and how companies can use it to maximise their online presence using Mitoworld. Details as below:

Date: 21 February 2023, Monday
Time: 8:30PM – 9:30PM
Zoom link: will be sent via e-mail
Register for FREE : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/535443835927

WORKSHOP: How to Build Your Own Metaverse

We will be having a physical workshop where our team of Metaverse Specialists will help guide you step by step on building your own metaverse with Mitoworld. Details as below:

Date: 28 February 2023, Tuesday
Time: 2:30PM – 4:30PM
Venue: Common Ground, Plaza Mont Kiara
Register for FREE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/548202417187

*Make sure to bring your own laptop for the workshop

Written by Gabriella

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VTF Secures Funding with BFF for Metaverse Platform Development

Virtualtech Frontier Secures Funding Led by Blockchain Founders Fund to Further Develop Metaverse Platform

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, January 17th, 2023 — Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), a metaverse development company, has secured seed round funding from Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF), joining forces with seed investor 500 Global in support of VTF’s journey to introduce the future of digital engagements by enabling the metaverse for everyone. The funds will be allocated towards growing the team, supporting marketing activities and further developing their platform, Mitoworld.io.

Since 2020, the company has been at the forefront of creating an interoperable and accessible metaverse; by allowing companies to leverage virtual environments to achieve business objectives. Since then, the strong momentum they have achieved in metaverse solutions has enabled them to more than triple their revenue in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The founders

“VTF is reimagining the way that businesses interact with customers in the metaverse. We are delighted to be supporting them in this endeavour and look forward to helping them scale this solution.” said Tobias Bauer, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund.

“We are thrilled to have the support of Blockchain Founders Fund,” said VTF’s CEO Jason Low. “Getting invested during the bear is the greatest signal that we are on the right track. We are all about long term value creation and this funding will help us continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with Mitoworld and provide the best possible experience to everyone.”

VTF believes that the metaverse has the potential to revolutionise the way that communities interact and engage with each other. The metaverse will bring new opportunities for creative output, as existing marketing solutions and platforms on the market are severely outdated. Together with the support of their investors, VTF is looking forward for companies to come together and explore exciting methods of brand expression as they transform their branding in the metaverse with Mitoworld.io

Mitoworld.io is a metaverse platform that allows communities to easily create and share their very own metaverse. With cutting-edge technology, interoperability and user-friendly interface, Mitoworld’s platform is set out to become the go-to solution for brands and communities looking to engage and connect with their potential clients in the virtual world.

Visit the Mitoworld.io website to try it out for yourself, or visit social media via the links below to check out their updates.

About Virtualtech Frontier

Virtualtech Frontier is a leading Metaverse and virtual spaces development company in Asia. The team is at the forefront of creating an interoperable and accessible metaverse; enabling companies and brands to make their way into the metaverse ecosystem. Virtualtech Frontier is currently working on an Integrated Virtual World Platform (IVWP) called Mitoworld.io that focuses on simplifying the creation and connection of purpose driven metaverses. 

About Blockchain Founders Fund

Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) is a leading early stage (seed and pre-seed) Web3 Venture Capital fund which invests in top-tier founders globally. Backers include a strategic mix of the leading firms in the crypto and traditional finance world. They invest in highly-promising startups taking a go-to-market focus and a hands-on approach to drive value. BFF helps curate strategic partnerships, hire talent, accelerate growth and ensure portfolio founders are well capitalised. The team comprises builders and operators that have scaled many of the leading Blockchain startups and are on a mission to support all-star teams shaping the Web3 industry.

Virtualtech Frontier Links 

Facebook | Instagram |


Mitoworld Links
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

3 Key Benefits of Utilising the Metaverse for Marketing

From luxury items to digital concerts, 2022 saw an increased focus on the metaverse with various brands venturing into the next generation of the internet. Although its still in early phases, the metaverse will heavily impact the future of marketing.

What is the Metaverse

In short, the metaverse is essentially an interoperable online space where people all around the world can shop, socialise, trade and interact with one another as long as there is internet connection. You can see aspects of it in online games like Animal Crossing, Roblox and Minecraft where players build their own world and connect with other players from different parts of the globe.

Marketing Engagement Farming

Nowadays social media is a vital tool in marketing and there are various tactics businesses use to increase engagements on their social postings. However, the post-Zoom-filled-pandemic created a world where people are demanding better interactions on the internet as audiences are getting bored of just sharing, liking and commenting on posts. Thus, brands are slowly warming up to the idea of metaverses.

Marketing Advantages

User Experience

As a brand, your users’ journey is important as it helps to build a connection between you and your audience. A metaverse can help elevate your brand message, strengthen aesthetics and better highlight your products and services through an interactive manner. Studies show that 86% of customers are willing to spend more money for a better customer experience because they understand the value of good service. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies that offer a superior customer experience are able to be ahead of the competition, attract and retain customers.

Content Creation

The metaverse is still new and constantly evolving, which helps your brand to create more stimulating content. The content creation aspect would come easier as the Metaverse allows you to implement more creative ideas from animation to unique user experiences like Magic Mirror, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. A virtual space lets content creators bring extraordinary ideas to life as animation and graphics opens up space for more versatility.

Lead Generation

Content creation and brand affinity are both a big part of lead generation efforts as engagement can help generate interest in potential clients. It consists of crafting content and communication with the goal of sharing valuable content with your targeted audience. The more the people interact with your content, the more awareness you will get for your business thus creating potential revenue.

Although utilising the metaverse as a marketing tool is considerably new in 2022, but the global market is expected to grow to $800 billion by 2024. We live in an exciting era of technological innovation where companies are focusing more upskilling on 3D development tools, creating virtual economies and utilising immersive hardware. There is still a long way to go before we can fully capitilise on the exciting prospects the metaverse can provide so why wait when you can be one of the first?

Join Mitoworld.io on building the next generation of the internet and build your virtual presence!

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3 Main Advantages of the Metaverse

As a new and emerging technology, people are still wary about the metaverse. The early adopters are curious about the different possibilities of utilising it and how it can be valuable to them. Nowadays, it’s a rising trend to own your own virtual spaces as we begin to notice many big brands and tech companies started developing their vision of metaverses.

So, what’s good about the metaverse?

Immersive Digital Communication

Think of the metaverse as an upgraded and 3D version to the conventional way of browsing the internet. The prime feature of the metaverse is that it provides immersive digital interactions as users engage with each other using avatars while venturing into a life-like virtual world.

Source: SeattleU

Users are more engaged in any activity they are doing especially when it’s paired with VR technology. You are able to experience everything in the most immersive way from exercising, socialising to having business meetings with people across the globe in the metaverse.

Empowering NFT Communities

With the help of blockchain technology, the metaverse is currently playing a huge role in Web 3. A lot of NFT project propose their long term goal to have a metaverse space for their community to engage with each other and also to maintain the rapport that the team built with the members. Depending on the NFT project’s utilities, the metaverse has the potential to function as a gaming zone, digital marketplace, virtual real estate or art gallery where community members can integrate the NFTs that they have minted as their digital identity or props in that virtual space. For example, you can buy a digital land from [Decentraland](https://market.decentraland.org/) and build your own space in their metaverse or buy an NFT from [Axie Infinity](https://axieinfinity.com/) and utilise their NFT as an avatar in their gamified metaverse.

Source: CryptoStars

The metaverse also allows token or NFT gating whereby users have to own a certain digital asset from a project to be able to enter the virtual space thus allowing it to function as an exclusive clubhouse for community members to have access to.

Developing Virtual Economies

The notion of virtual economies in the current digital realm is strong. As trends show, people are quick to find ways to make profit any emerging technologies, and its no different for the metaverse. People are inventing ways to make a sustainable living by capatilising on what the metaverse can offer.

Source: Verdict

The metaverse economy can serve as a platform for immersive exchanges of digital assets with high economic values. This allows the introduction of new trade activities and jobs in shared virtual spaces. For example, people are investing in digital real estate within the metaverse, like Sandbox, hoping that in time the virtual land will appreciate in value. Furthermore, many people are also earning money in the metaverse through games such as RobotEra that rewards you with tokens which can be exchanged for money.

Ultimately, the metaverse still has a lot of growing to do before it is fully optimised to its best potential. Many of the current pros will develop into something much greater than what it is today. Be it 10 or 15 years into the future, the metaverse IS the next generation of the internet. It will serve as a great pre-emptive move to begin exploring on what the metaverse will look like for you, be it leisure or career-wise, and there’s no better way to do it than to step foot into the space and explore.

Build a metaverse for FREE with MitoLite! Visit Mitoworld.io to own your own virtual land today!

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Recognising the Limitations of the Metaverse

The concept of the Metaverse has gained a lot of attention and excitement in recent years, with many people predicting that it will become a major part of our daily lives soon. However, a large majority are still skeptical about the idea of virtual spaces and interaction online. To begin understanding the metaverse, we must first recognise its limitations at its current stage.

Hardware Techhnology

At the current date of writing, the technology required to fully realize the metaverse is still in its infancy. In order for the metaverse to be truly immersive and seamless, it would require advanced technology such as high-resolution VR headsets, VR treadmill and haptic suits. For example, in the movie Ready Player One, when using the VR set and haptic suits, players’ movements in real life are reflected in the metaverse, allowing an immersive experience when playing the game.


Source: Ready Player One (2018)

The technology does exist but as only individual pieces. Thus, to truly embody the metaverse as it is defined, all the hardware technology need to work seamlessly in a shared environment to provide the ultimate immersive experience.


Popular metaverses like Decentraland, Spatial and Roblox use their own variable rendering engines including the data and properties. There is no method for users to share files and formats cross-platform as the data is not stored in one unanimous brain hence selfish ecosystems.

Twitter: @Mitoworld.io

In the real world, your identity and engagement in commerce are **seamless. Users of the metaverse should be able to maintain their digital identities, bring their wallets and smart objects across virtual worlds, just like how they can travel from store to store with their physical wallets and belongings. Although that stage of interoperability has not been fully achieved yet, there are metaverses that can integrate NFTs via blockchain technology which allows users to utilise their NFTs in virtual spaces simply by connecting their wallets.

3D Technology

3D environments are required to make the transition of human culture and labour from the physical world to a digital one possible. The metaverse is like a digital twin to the physical world, similar but not a carbon copy.


Source: Twitter @Mitoworld.io

3D technology allows metaverses to replicate more realistic digital representation of the real world and provide a more immersive experience to users. Most existing metaverses are in 2.5D as there are hardware limitations to render a 3D environment hence most platforms would try to cater to the former in order to get more users for their product.

The thought of metaverses can sound daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing from there! We are at the early adoption stage right now and if you are reading this, come join us at Mitoworld.io to get familiar with metaverses and own your space today!

Visit our socials to stay tuned to Mitoworld updates and news!

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