In a Galaxy Far Far Away, We have Lightsabers & Pistols in the Metaverse

In a Galaxy Far Far Away, We have Lightsabers & Pistols in the Metaverse

About the Event

In conjunction with Star Wars Day from 4th – 6th May 2023,  Mitoworld collaborated with NFT Malaysia, an NFT hub that aims to empower Malaysia’s best NFT creators & projects, for a community event to celebrate Star Wars Day. the team at Mitoworld created a fan-made metaverse with special in-game features such as animated lightsaber, pistol, flying motion and more for an immersive experience.

Star Wars Day 🛸

Star Wars Day is an annual celebration held on May 4th, inspired by the famous phrase “May the Force be with you.” Fans worldwide come together to honor the beloved Star Wars franchise through activities like movie marathons, cosplay, and social media sharing. It’s a day to celebrate the cultural impact and enduring legacy of the epic space saga. May the Fourth be with you!

The Experience

The metaverse is divided into 3 rooms with different interactions points spreading all across the space. When players enter the metaverse, their avatars’ colours will be randomly generated and is equipped with a interactive lightsaber and pistol. With a few extra features added, the controls in this metaverse space is unique at the time of writing as the team specifically designed it based on the Star Wars theme.

Pictured: Control Keys for the avatar

Some of the unique controls that are integrated to this space are: 

  • Lightsaber: motion & colour change
Pictured: Lightsaber

Press once the [Q] key to activate your lightsaber and [TAB] key to change its colour (blue, green, yellow, red, purple or black). With your lightsaber in hand, press on the [1], [2] or [3] key to try out the different motions. Here’s a gif to demonstrate:

Lightsaber colour change and motion


  • Pistol shooting
Pictured: Pistol shooting animation

Press once on the [E] key to hold the pistol and [F] key to shoot. You can shoot while you walk around too!

Pistol Animation

Spawn Area

Player journey starts off in the middle room where they will have a directory on the activities to do in the space.  When entering the metaverse, players will spawn in the main room where it features movie summaries and posters from the beloved franchise and overview on the metaverse project.

Star Wars is widely known to have fandoms divided into 2 sides — Jedi or Sith, as it reflects the lore of the franchise universe. With that in mind, the team added on a layer of immersiveness where players are given a choice if they want to be a Jedi or Sith by choosing which room they want to go next.

Pictured: Spawn area
Pictured: Jedi side
Pictured: Sith side

Both room are connected by the main spawn area where players can choose either they want to go left or right. Each side presents them a quest — Hunt for the Holocron! Players have to follow the initial instructions given and it will lead them to the first clue. Each quest requires participants to find all 3 clues within the metaverse and combine the answers to unlock the Holocron that is hidden in the space as well.

Jedi & Sith Sides

Both sides features prominent characters from the franchise. For example, the Jedi Master — Luke Skywalker and the Dark Lord — Darth Sidious. After choosing a side, players will start off with the Jedi/Sith codes to find the first clue. To complete the Holocron Hunt, you would have to find clues that are hidden in character descriptions (no worries, the team made it simple for normies too 😉).

The treasure hunt activity encourages players to interact with the items present in the metaverse, increasing engagement and also immersivity as they would need to find certain clues in the metaverse. This resulted in favourable analytics results in this metaverse project with average 30 minutes spent per user. It also resulted in a few user-generated content where people post it on their social medias to express their enjoyment of the virtual space.

Pictured: Jedi Side
Pictured: Sith Side

The goal of the Star Wars metaverse was to create something where community members can share, enjoy and bond over. Overall, the event was well received by the intended audience and positive feedback was given. It was a metaverse created by fans for the fans and Mitoworld hopes to share more of this experience with a wider audience.

Let’s not spoil too much of it! Come and experience the metaverse yourself: https://mitoworld.io/metaverse/starwars-may4th/

Written by Gabriella

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