Metaverse Meets High Fashion: Virtualtech Frontier Partners With Taylor’s University To Launch First Student-Led Metaverse Fashion Show

Metaverse Meets High Fashion: Virtualtech Frontier Partners With Taylor’s University To Launch First Student-Led Metaverse Fashion Show

Taylor’s University has recently partnered with Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) to utilise their metaverse builder platform, Mitoworld as a content creation tool for their Interactive Spatial Design Course, wherein the students designed a virtual space for a student-led event called “The Show”. The multiplayer-enabled virtual space was equipped with a unique “catwalk” feature, students’ past works and a livestream of the event day enhancing the immersive experience for virtual participants.

GIF: Catwalk feature

“Collaborating with VTF has been an exciting experience for our students from the Bachelor of Interactive Spatial Design (Honours) programme. We believe in working with like-minded partners to future-proof our graduates with theoretical foundations and skill sets needed to become agile and creative problem solvers for a demanding labour landscape,” said Din Tan Chin Seng, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Interactive Spatial Design. “Together, we are shaping the future of education by integrating metaverse technology into our design programmes, providing immersive and innovative learning opportunities for our students.”

This successful collaboration aligns with the Malaysian government’s digital education initiatives, which aim to nurture a digital-savvy generation by equipping students with knowledge, skills, and ethics in the usage of technology. The recently approved education policy outlines the government’s comprehensive strategy for advancing digital education in Malaysia, ensuring immediate implementation to enhance teachers and students’ digital proficiency, enrich digital content, empower teachers in integrating technology, foster a culture of digital technology usage among education leaders, enable digital infrastructures, and strengthen strategic partnerships.

Image: Student’s workroom replica

“This collaboration between VTF and Taylor’s University showcases the power and potential of the metaverse in transforming traditional educational experiences,” said Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier. “By empowering students to create virtual spaces using Mitoworld, we are fostering innovation and preparing the next generation for the digital future.”

Through immersive experiences and content creation tools like Mitoworld, VTF aims to work with more education institutions in the future to empower students with essential digital skills, aligning with the National Digital Education Policy.

Check out the metaverse here: https://mitoworld.io/metaverse/taylors-fashion-metaverse/ (best experienced on laptop/desktop)

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