[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #1] Where Do I Find 3D Assets For My Metaverse?

[MITOWORLD USER GUIDE #1] Where Do I Find 3D Assets For My Metaverse?

Hello there! Clicking in to see if you can find cool things to fill in your World with?

Let’s get you started!

How to Upload Assets on Mitoworld

  1. Go to the “ + “ button on the bottom of your screen and click on “Items”.
  2. Click on “+ Upload” and you will see a reference table for types of assets and recommended sizes per upload.
  3. Click on “ Choose Files “ then pick the file you want to upload, then click on “ Upload.

For 3D Files, you can upload in either GLB or GLTF format with a maximum file size of 100MB per upload.

So, where can I find 3D assets to download?

If you are not familiar with 3D modelling software, we have a few recommended sites where you can find free 3D assets to download and upload into Mitoworld!


Sketchfab is a 3D modeling platform site that allows creators to publish, discover, share, and monetise 3D, VR, and AR content. Here you can find a variety of 3D models that are free to download or paid for you to use!

Head on over to the search bar and type what you are looking for. Then click on the “Downloadable” checkbox as a filter to help you find files you can download.

If you see the icon (circled in the picture below), the file is downloadable, so click on it!

Scroll down and find the “Download 3D Model” below the creators’ names.

Select either glTF / GLB and click download!


Turbosquid is a digital media company that sells stock 3D models used in 3D graphics that can cater to a variety of industries such as gaming, education, and architecture. Similar to Sketchfab, 3D assets are available to be bought or downloaded for free.

Put in the file type on the search bar to find compatible files.

After the search results appear, click on “Price” to filter according to your preferences.

Find the file you like? Click on the “Download” button.

Click on the specific file type and it will auto-download for you to use!


CGTRADER has a professional 3D designer community and a 3D model marketplace for VR, AR and CG projects. This particular site has more realistic models if you prefer that type of art style!

Head on over to the filter buttons and click on the “Free“ checkbox and choose a file type.

Pick the 3D file you like and click on the “Download “ button.

Let it load for a few seconds and pick the suitable file to download.


Hope this article makes your hunt for 3D assets easier! 🎉

There are more sites out there for you to use and you can even build your own 3D assets using 3D modelling software.

Get started now by creating a World!

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